Special Package Tickets

Setouchi Dream Round-trip Ticket

Ticket summary This discount ticket offers passengers a comfortable way to visit Itsukushima Shrine (Hiroshima) and Dogo Onsen hot springs (Matsuyama) by bus from Kobe before returning via high-speed ferry.
Ticket includes Two highway bus routes (Kobe – Hiroshima / Kobe – Matsuyama), Super Jet high-speed ferry, and Matsuyama Sightseeing Port Limousine Bus.
Ticket holders can travel in either direction (Kobe–Hiroshima–Matsuyama–Kobe or Kobe–Matsuyama–Hiroshima–Kobe). This ticket is valid for 10 days.
*Travelling between central Hiroshima and Hiroshima Port requires an additional fare."
Price Adult: 14,500 JPY
Child: 7,250 JPY
Where to buy tickets Shinki Bus Sannomiya Bus Terminal

Himeji Castle Loop Bus One-day Ticket

Ticket summary This great value one-day ticket lets you take the Himeji Castle Loop Bus from Himeji Station and then hop off and hop on as many times as you like at any of the stops around the castle.
Ticket includes Unlimited same-day trips on the Himeji Castle Loop Bus
*Ticket also offers discounted admission to Himeji Castle and nearby attractions.
*Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount ticket or free passes for other facilities.
Price Adult: 400 JPY
Child: 200 JPY
Where to buy tickets Shinki Bus Information Center (in front of Himeji Station)

Mt. Shosha Ropeway Package Ticket

Ticket summary This is a convenient package ticket for those wanting to visit Shoshazan Engyoji Temple, the location of filming for The Last Samurai.
Ticket includes Return-trip bus ticket and Mt. Shosha Ropeway ticket.
Bus ticket (return): Himeji Station to Mt. Shosha Ropeway.
Mt. Shosha Ropeway ticket (return): Base station to summit.
Price Adult: 1,420 JPY
Child: 710 JPY
Where to buy tickets Shinki Bus Information Center (in front of Himeji Station)
More information https://www.himeji-kanko.jp/content/3580